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03. The Sundial Times, Jhar by fall
Find the basic workings of the site here! Get up to date on the rules, the plot, the magic system, and other things. Please read the threads here before doing anything else.
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character development

member directory by Ada P. Lovecraft
Before beginning your adventures in Salem, you will need to create a character. Please don't post in any other boards before your character is accepted! Inside you will find the application, face claims, and a who's who.
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Character Hub
Ada's inventory by Ada P. Lovecraft
Interact with other characters and members of your coven here. Find others' plotters, create your own plotter, visit your coven's plotter or use the taxed Salem-wide messaging service brought to you by millions of courier pigeons.
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World Building
Come to this board to create your own spells, establish a new coven, submit raid or event ideas, suggest NPCs, and interact and shape the face of Salem in any way you can imagine
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Missions and Quests
mission: stolen youth & monsters in the night [quetzalcoatl] by Desmond Grey
Put up your missions and quests, receive awards and keep things organized all within this board. However, for member created raids, please look under 'world building'
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Mirrorlight Metropolis
[acolyte test] welcome to paradise by Charani Petrov
The largest city in all of salem with an astonishing growth rate and the most modern infrastructure when compared to the others. This metropolis is the headquarters for the strongest branches of the covens and also serves as the base of operations for the Council of Salem. Its protective walls are made of magically reinforced glass, making it a beacon of activity for miles around.
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Central Flatlands
[event] persephone's spring by ANDREA ROMANO
Due to the distinct lack of hills, or any sort of variation in altitude, it is easy to spot the many monstrously large creatures prowling across the ground and sky of the Central Flatlands. Thankfully, most of them are more concerned about each other than they are about any traveling humans.
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Sundial City
I'm Bleach Blonde Baby (S&S)[O] by raziel of the autumn court
Sundial City is best known for its twelve watchtowers, which, according to legend, were able to keep wraiths and aggressive creatures at bay without the need for walls. In modern day, some walls have been erected protection, keeping this thriving costal town the successful center of Salem's trade.
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Western Riverlands
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As their name implies, the lands in Salem's west are filled with winding rivers fed from the mountains to their north and south. This results in a mixture of fertile and marshy grounds, and a multitude of aquatic and amphibious beasts.
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Gale Valley
Mission: We Are Chasing the Storm Tonight by Aine La Havas
Having the most fertile soil in all of salem, Gale Valley is a huge and expansive land where life flourishes. Despite its amazing prospects in just about every field, it is constantly under attack from different monsters and human raiders, and is thus seemingly locked into a rural, rustic state.
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South Hillocks
The Justice League Pre-Sequel [Mission] by Zephyr Hart
If there is ever a monster attack on Sundial, it will likely come from here, as Gale Valley residents are painfully aware. The rough terrain makes building a sturdy defensible position difficult, and even then, many of the monsters of this area can use earth magic to destroy anything that's build. Despite the outposts here being constantly busy with witches on tight patrol, most are glad it is many miles away from either city.
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Eclipse Town
A town nestled in the middle of a dense forest, most outsiders think of eclipse as a lonely, isolated place that's likely haunted to boot. In reality, the town is quite a lively place but due to its distinctive culture, its residents often keep bonds among themselves instead of reaching out. Largely self-sufficient and thriving.
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Northern Wilds
[MISSION] INTO THE WILDS by corvus kasparian
The Northern Wilds are a vast area which consist of temperate forests on its southern side and a frigid tundra to its north. Monsters populate the lands, and wraiths frequently invade from the east, making it fairly inhospitable. Certain routes, established by merchant guilds when passing through, are safer than others.
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Eastern Wastelands
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There are no civilizations in the Eastern Wastelands -- the environment is too hostile to support most life, and the unusually high density of wraith nests makes it even more dangerous. Even advanced witches and skilled warriors should not travel here on their own. [LOCKED - may be unlocked for certain events]
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[c&k] Leviathan Idol Club Episode 1: A New Member Arrives by noble
Talk about anything and everything, put up your codes and graphics or maybe relax and enjoy some forum games. Discuss the site or anything off of it. Put up introductions and leave your goodbyes.
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dreamscape ( don't want to wake ) | ft lynn by lynnelia arnett
Archived threads, applications, old events, etc. can be found here.
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Millennium Seekers - AU Yu-Gi-Oh! RP by Kost
One-stop for linking back, affiliating and anything else relating to advertising and Starfall's relations with other sites. Do not post more than once per page, do not advertise anywhere else on the site, and only link to PB and JCINK.
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